SZ-Minéraux, May 2, 2024

RHODOCHROSITE, CALCITE and BOULANGERITE – Trepca Stari Trg Mine, Mitrovica, Kosovo

Here is a totally unique Rhodochrosite specimen from Trepca! It has a thick crust of light pink Rhodochrosite, probably resulting from a carbonated concretion now disappeared or from the surrounding rock, dotted with metallic gray Boulangerite. The back of the concretion is completely covered with translucent white lenticular calcite. Discovery horizon 10, -685 m, south in 2021. A quality specimen from Trepca, carefully selected from recent discoveries.

Trepca Stari Trg Mine, Mitrovica, Kosovo

12,40 x 11,70 x 7 cm

620 grams