McDougall Minerals, March 1, 2023


New from Zimbabwe, Sceptres

I’ve posted a new update from the Chibuku Mine, Chiredzi District, Masvingo, Zimbabwe (click here). These specimens don’t have only one attribute – all in this update are sceptres, most are amethyst or have amethystine zoning, many have some smoky zoning, many have two-phase inclusions (i.e fluid with a moving bubble), some have phantoms, and some have exquisite hematite inclusions.

Quartz crystals (sceptres, smoky quartz and amethyst) have been known from the locality for many years. However, until now, they have been collected from surface occurrences with simple tools, and almost all have had various levels of chipping and damage. These new specimens are professionally collected, acquired from the new hard-rock specimen-mining project at the locality. 

The specimens in this update are the few I hand-picked in Tucson, representing the very top quality from the locality to date, and are gorgeous, high-quality pieces. 

A note about looking at these photographs: photographs of gem crystals on darker backgrounds tend to make them look dark and saturated, while images with light backgrounds can give the visual impression a specimen may look very clear and not as deep – in general, the appearance of a specimen in one’s hand is a combination of the two. 

More of the story about the locality is included below the specimen descriptions and in the blog – I hope you enjoy the update!

Canadian Dollar

The currency disparity remains strongly in favour of the U.S. dollar these days. My usual reminder – prices on the website are in Canadian dollars (if you are thinking in – or used to browsing online minerals in – US dollar terms).

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