Adelaide Mining Co.

Adelaide Mining Co

he historic Adelaide Mine located near Dundas in Tasmania, world famous for its beautiful crocoite specimens, has now been purchased from its owner of over 30 years, Frank Mihajlowits, by recently established enterprise, The Adelaide Mining Company Pty Ltd (TAMC for short). TAMC was created with the main aim of mining Tasmanian mineral specimens and then marketing these internationally. As well as the crocoite for which the mine is most renowned, TAMC will also be searching for the other related minerals which can be found at this location, these include dundasite, cerussite (plain and chrome), phosgenite and embolite, just to name a few.
A large number of good crocoite specimens have already been recovered during the early work carried out.
These specimens have been comprised of a wide assortment of varying types, with crocoite found in many different colours, crystal habits and formations. One type of particular note being specimens that feature crocoite along with gibbsite, exhibiting multiple generations of growth in intricate tree like structures.

In addition to those minerals mined by itself, TAMC is also actively seeking out fine Tasmanian (and other Australian) mineral specimens, by either trade, purchase or to sell on consignment, in order to market them to the rest of the mineral collecting world.