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A photo Tour's Favorite Minerals of Denver 2012 had a lot of fun snapping photos of mineral specimens that we loved seeing at the Denver 2012 mineral show. This is not a "what's NEW", this is simply, what we liked on the shelves of the main show of the Denver 2012 Mineral Show! Check out the photos below and on Page One

Beautiful Minerals and Crystals from the 2012 Denver Gem and Mineral Show Page 2, Selected by

I missed the chance of taking a picture of one other booth in the mineral magazine section, the vast selection under the Rocks and Minerals booth. There you could pick up Mineralogical Almanac, out of Russia, the Australian Journal of Mineralogy and the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals. Check them out at

Here are three minerals from IC Minerals.

Isaias has too many things to see. He has such great taste in minerals. Lots of color! There was this new find of garnets out of china to see, this great suite of merelani mineral combinations, like this tanzanite with calcite and he had these AMAZING tsumeb thumbnails, like this HOT mimetite featuring a double terminated crystal that looks like a bullet.

Grossular Garnets from China
Tanzanite with Calcite
Mimetite Crystal from Tsumeb

Here are two of the booths represented at the Denver Mineral Show. Kosnar Gems (the Gemstones of Brett Kosnar) and Mike Woodward Photography

Brett Kosnar, showing off gemstones at the Denver 2012 Mineral Show
Mike Woodward Photography's booth at the Denver 2012 Mineral Show

Two specimens from Lexcel Minerals. I was digging this Tourmaline crystal on Quartz from Barra de Salinas. The termination was fine, the quartz was terminated, the mica books at the bottom added some class, just a fine specimen, IMHO. Then, maybe you can tell, but I have this thing for fine Yaoganjian Fluorite specimens. I just love them and the good ones are going to be serious classics down the road. It is not like they are pouring out anymore, in 2012. In 2006 we were unpacking crates of them. Now, not so much. This one below is a real stunner.

Beautiful Purple Fluorite on matrix
Elbaite Bi-colored Tourmaline on Quartz

Khyber minerals I have to give an HONEST review of Khyber Minerals, even if it hurts some people's feelings. This guy travels to all ends of the world and gets things that are the same new finds as other dealers have, yet Khyber Minerals prices are so much lower. Ibrahim, how do you do it? The talk of the show, those funky Barites, Khyber had some at very good prices. This super fine Barite on Orpiment and Realgar is so nice. That is exactly the kind of mineral I like.

Barite Crystals from the Linwood Mine, Iowa
Clear Barite Crystals on Orpiment with Red Realgar Crystals.

Below, two things, on top, a BEAUTIFUL large Apatite crystal cluster from Portugal. That was just one of the great things for sale with Mike Bergmann.
Below that, a coloful display from Rocksaholics, two BIG Peridot crystals flanking a bold purple fluorite, like some kind of bodyguards monitoring the royal purple fluorite!

Big Apatite Cluster from Portugal
Two Peridot crystals with a Purple Fluorite in between

Heliodor, the VanSciver family, always has very fine MINERALS. You are hard pressed to find a tourmaline here. The Cerussite is smoking, but I was really all about that Titanite.

Green Apophyllite crystals

Crystal Classics / Kristalle : You know, it is simply always one of the most fun rooms to check out. Colorful, well crystallized and a wide variety of classic localities, that is the standard for Kristalle and Crystal Classics. Out of the whole room, I loved mostly everything, but I grab two beautiful green rocks, a big sharp feldspar, an adularia from switzerland, and a THICK cuprite, coated with malachite, from Namibia.

Cuprite from Namibia covered with green malachite
Big clinochlore included Adularia crystal twin from Switzerland

Graeber and Himes has the kind of minerals that I love. Colorful things from classic and uncommon locations, a mix of the common and not so common and great prices to boot! I want that smithsonite! And both the topaz/quartz and the Aquamarine from Ireland! That Wavellite would be a great conversation piece! A great common interesting mineral that always attracts attention, with this one being from the first known location for the mineral!

Yellow Smithsonite Slice from Sardinia
Aquamarine from Ireland and gem imperial topaz on a quartz crystal from Ouro Preto Brazil
Type Locality Wavellite from Devon England

Fine Minerals Intl. has one of my favorite rooms at the Denver show! A crazy beautiful display with less than 100 minerals. This fluorite is calling out to me! I love it sooo much. A super cool "corkscrew" of fluorite on matrix of Quartz crystals.

Corkscrew Fluorite

Rick Kennedy of Earth's Treasures brings great minerals and rare faceted gems, along with ample supplies of great Benitoite specimens. Carl Acosta is expecting his first child and skipped out on the denver show, but Rick had a shelf for his friend and showed off his great minerals, like this cool Rhodochrosite Clam! I want one this good!

Benitoite Crystals on Matrix
Clam with Rhodochrosite Replacement Pseudomorph

This concludes the photo review of the 2012 Denver Mineral Show! If you came here from another page, there are two parts to this page, so be sure to check out Page 1 and thanks for visiting!

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