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A photo Tour's Favorite Minerals of Denver 2012

Denver Mineral Show 2012 came and went too quickly, over a lovely Mid-September weekend. Great minerals, people and display cases filled with amazing and educational displays. There were plenty of jewelry dealers, people that sold objects of art, gems, beads and magazines. There is a big club section, so if you are new to Denver or mineral clubs in general, these people can tell you about the club.
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Beautiful Minerals and Crystals from the 2012 Denver Gem and Mineral Show, Selected by

We start with three minerals from The Arkenstone @

A Pink Calcite that kept getting tons of compliments, and a CRAZY fine yellow Fluorite from Illinois Very fine!

Pink Calcite from Congo with Green Malachite
Yellow Fluorite on matrix from Illinois a magnificent specimen

Three selections from Mineral Classics.

The Kosnar specimen of Kosnarite, because, you know, come on. Then, a rich specimen of Monazite crytals on Quartz from Bolivia. A plate of Quartz coating Fluorite caught my eye and much to Mineral Classic's joy, I think I accidentally captured what they are all about in these three photos. Fine minerals from Bolivia, Colorado and a legacy of minerals spanning generations.

Blue Crystals of Kosnarite on Matrix from Richard Kosnar's Collection
Monazite Crystals on Matrix from Bolivia
Quartz coating Fluorite

Here are two of the magazines represented at the Denver Mineral Show. Mineralogical Record and Rock and Gem Magazine

You can subscribe to both magazines with, just in case you have a gift card to use!

The Mineralogical Record Cover EBAY Rock and Gem Magazine Cover
Popular Mineral Magazine, Mineralogical Record, has a booth full of great magazines at the Denver 2012 Mineral Show
Rock and Gem Magazine Booth at the Denver 2012 Gem Show

Two crystals from Well Arranged Molecules.

A very cool Carrolite in Calcite from the Congo and a LARGE Scheelite crystal on Muscovite from China. Well Arranged Molecules have fantastic specimens, one of my favorite dealer to check out.

Carrolite in Calcite from DRCongo
Monazite Crystals on Matrix from Bolivia

Weinrich Minerals always has great minerals and these two bright crystals shouted out to me. A bold Red Rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine in Colorado and a great cluster of fluorite crystals from China. Along with a fine unheated Tanzanite from Merlani Tanzania. How can you tell it is unheated? Easy, the brown color at the base of the crystals!

Purple and Blue Fluorite Crystals on Matrix from China
Strawberry Red Rhodochrosite Rhombs in a Cluster from Colorado
Unheated Natural Tanzaite Crytal Cluster

Unique Minerals, which is Evan Jones and Mark Miterman are awash in greens and blues, as the copper carbonates from Mexico and Arizona pump out. The Brochantite and Azurite from the Millapias Mine in Mexico are well crystalized and really amazing for their species. The sphere of azurite from the blue ball mine is one of my favorites, with the tuft of malachite springing up inside.

Azurite from Mexico
Brochantite from Mexico
Azurite Geode from the Blue Ball Mine in Arizona

Superb Minerals had an interesting new find of green apophyllite from the classic Cavansite location. The Wagaholi Quarry was never known for fine specimens of anything besides the world famous Canvansite, but now it can boast fine green crystals!

Green Apophyllite crystals

Stonetrust had a room full of beautiful minerals and I captured two of them on camera, a stunning large plate of amethyst crystals from Mexico and a Madagascar treasure, a slice of Liddocotite Tourmaline, filled with dozens of colors.

Colorful Tourmaline Slice
Bright purple crystals of quartz on matrix from Mexico

Alfredo Petrov shares a booth with John Attard every year at the Denver Mineral Show. Known for his unusual mineral selections, it was interesting to see the man with a big bold California gem. I had him pose for this picture, then caught him in the middle of showing me how to play peek-a-boo. He also showed me this neat "Fettuccini" quartz, found at a basalt quarry known for amethyst and agates, this funky product of a vug high up on the quarry wall was one of my favorite things at his booth. Below that, a big fat wulfenite that John has been lugging around for years. Thing is too crazy!

Alfredo with benitoite
Benitoite Crystal on Matrix of Natrolite with black Neptunite crystals
Fettuccini Quartz
Huge Orange Wulfenite from Africa

Collectors Edge Minerals is well known for their bold colorful minerals, crystals of gold and emeralds, but I took two pictures of brown rocks. But, man oh man, what brown rocks they are! One is a big fat brown wulfenite from Tsumeb and the other is something they should TOTALLY give me for being awesome. A big fat Parisite crystal. Good Gravy!!

Parisite from Africa
Big fat wulfenite crystal from Tsumeb

Greg Turner of Cornerstone Minerals had these COOL LARGE plates of Pyrite and Dolomite from Columbia that I really wanted to get my hands on. If only we sold more BOOKS, but nothing is stopping YOU from calling Greg up and grabbing one of these!

Huge Golden Pyrite crystals with clear dolomite
Pyrite with Dolomite from Columbia

WOW, it is crazy to think we grabbed SOOO many photos! If I put them all on one page, it will take FOREVER to load, so let's call this PART 1 and we will be back with the second half soon! HEY! Prove to me you read this! Send me an email to or press that google+1 button up above!

Check out Page TWO of photos
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